Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

The management’s decision to throw out food instead of its donation is unethical as for employees, people with low-income who use food donations and partly to the environment. Nevertheless, there is some reasonable in the arguments of managers. I’d propose some solutions of this case to the management of company Q. First, company can hire supervisor to monitor the food donations to prevent the possible fraud. The job of supervisor could also be done with one of the employees. Second, the company can improve the working environment in the stores: employees satisfied with their work will be afraid to loose it, thus the risk of possible fraud will be less. Third, it is necessary to improve the psychological climate in the company. The loss from food donations fraud could not be significant: actually, the month financial report can reflect the possible fraud with the loss growth. Besides, the thrown-up food is the loss, too. It would be reasonable to investigate why management prefer throw up the food, perhaps the problem is in unethical attitude to company employees.


The main ethical problem of company Q management is the polar decisions. The management considers only two possible variant: to donate food with the possible risk of fraud and to throw it up. However there are some compromise solutions that could save company’s profits without unethical decisions.