Business Ethics and Law Field

The scandal around SLOC, is suitable to think about whether personal or community responsibility is the most adequate. On the one hand, we have clearly defined members who violated business adopted rules of truthful competition. On the other hand, the state of Utah was benefited by billions dollars what probably could be influenced by stated actions. Being confused with this question answering, it is mandatory to get the source of violation will origin. Obviously, community couldn’t generate it in unison. In addition, the cause-effect interconnection between lobbying and Salt Lake approving is not evidenced. Therefore, there is only one clear fact of ethic incorrect behavior and it the only to be punished. In this respect, SLOC members expulsion is absolutely adequate response.

To conclude, it is claimed that line between legal and ethical business violations is the most important point to be considered. If the first one is featured by precise definitions and responses, the second is incredibly abstract. As any other philosophical issue, it is not accompanied by clear answers. There are only general rules of behavior but they have to be kept not less than law.


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