Building | Two California Plaza

Talking about what Two California Plaza communicates about California, it is possible to state that this is a widespread fact that California is well-known for its varied climate, and colorful composition of the population. California ranked first among U.S. states in terms of the gross domestic product. Agriculture, aerospace industry, mining and processing of oil and information technology are the most important branches of the state’s economy. In addition, California is the most populous and prosperous state in the USA. Thus, it is necessary to say that the above-mentioned building communicates about California that it is a highly industrial state with a lot of job and life opportunities that is considered to be one of the most populous state of millionaires and billionaires. In addition to listed above, it is important to emphasize that huge skyscrapers, such as Two California Plaza only can speak about the state’s prosperity, importance, well-being, and high living standards. Talking about Los Angeles and its community, it is possible to say that it is one of the world’s largest cultural, scientific, economic, and educational centers. Furthermore, the city is one of the world’s largest centers of entertainment industry (movies, music, television, computer games). Observing what Two California Plaza communicates about Los Angeles community, it should be said that the population, who live there, are very diverse according to their ethnic and social belongings. TV and movie stars, actors, singers, politicians and public figures are among Los Angeles community. This evidence increases the rating of the city and sets significant goals and objectives, such as the construction of the huge skyscrapers, buildings, entertaining and business complexes, etc. This is a proven fact that a lot of rich and well-to-do people live in Los Angeles. That is why it is possible to say that Two California Plaza speaks about the community’s well-being, comfortable circumstances, and wide opportunities.

Examining Two California Plaza, it is possible to say that it is a wonderful building that has 52 floors and 26 elevators. The architectural style of that landmark is postmodernism that is well-known for its open retrospectivism, eclectic appeals to traditional art forms, comparing them in an unusual way. It creates a kind of the theatrical and aesthetic environment, which often introduces some elements of the grotesque and irony. This impressive mix attracts many visitors for its beauty, gracefulness, and incredible art forms. A blue glass facade makes Two California Plaza tremendous and grandiose. Construction materials include the following ones: glass, steel, and concrete. Besides, the glass and sleek facade speaks about the modernity of this building, its attractiveness and considerable magnitudes. The structural types of Two California Plaza are high-rise, sign, and landing pad. This is a stunning design with the indentations and the curves. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the facade system of this wonderful building is curtain walls.

Taking the above-stated information into account, it is possible to draw a conclusion that Two California Plaza is a unique business complex located in the heart of Los Angeles that is considered to be one of the main and remarkable landmarks of the city. Being in Los Angeles, millions of tourists try to visit Two California Plaza because this is really a worth place to visit.