Book Review | John Miller | Origins of the American Revolution

In my opinion, Miller used very right strategy to show specific ways how American economy grew in a traditional to all colonies way.

Owing to Miller’s explanations, it became understandable that metropolis exported overseas its industrial products, getting a fairly good profit from it. As for the colonies, their destiny was to supply mostly raw materials, which served as source material for British industry. In accordance with the economic doctrine of the time, these relationships were built on the principles of mercantilism. Trade with the colonies was a means of enriching England on the strict condition of a favorable balance of trade for it, when the amount of exported goods exceeded the amount of imported raw materials.

Thus, we have observed the book Origins of the American Revolution written by John Miller, and have explained its historical significance, using the information about American historical and economical development as a good example.


Work cited:

Miller, John C. Origins of the American Revolution. Little, Brown, 1943.