Biology of Gender Identity

In this way, the textbook by Judith Lorber presents an overall perspective on biology of gender identity, whereas the article concentrates on the psychological and psychiatric side of the matter and gives a deeper insight on transsexual individuals. While Lorber bases her research on biological factors, Di Ceglie tries to challenge them by providing a general review of literature devoted to the issue and making his own conclusions. At the same time, there are a lot of points in which both others agree (including the specific characteristics of shifted sexual behavior, criteria for diagnosis of gender identity disorders and so on). It is obvious that these two resources complement each other. The textbook provides a theoretical base for understanding the problem, while the article is more specific. Plain facts from the book are complemented by the stories from life retold as an example by the author of the article. All in all, it would be useful to use both resources and to scrutinize their controversies for further profound research.



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