Argumentative Essay On Education

Furthermore, education is essential to keep pace with rapidly progressing technology. Otherwise, education becomes the cause of antagonism between different social classes depending on their access to education. Classes having unlimited access to education will improve their position, whereas classes deprived of education will suffer from the ongoing deterioration of their position. As a result, the inequality in the society will become even more distinct than it is at the moment.

In actuality, it is important to understand that education is not a mere commodity anymore but a social good. This is exactly what DeWitt Clinton attempted to tell the society and to persuade policy makers to change their attitude to education. They have to provide access to education for all people without any restrictions and limitations. People should have equal access to education because this will create conditions for the elimination of social barriers and inequality in the society. Well-educated people will have better opportunities to improve their position in the society and to reach the higher level of standards of living.

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